What is a star?

Hello and welcome to Star Naming Service UK. This post will answer questions like “What is a star” , “How are stars born” , “What’s a planet” or “How did the universe begin?”. Thank you for visiting our website and reading this!

1. What is a star?

So you know what stars are. You’re seeing them everyday when you look up at the night sky. What are stars exactly? Do you know? The answer is simple. Stars are big masses of gas. This gas is so hot at it emits light. It’s almost like a light bulb (well, almost 😉 ) . And this light is so bright that we can see it on earth – even though they are billions of kilometers years away from us!

And even though they seem small and tiny, in reality, they’re 10x – 100x times bigger than our earth. (Now you know something really exciting!)

2. How are stars born?

3. What’s a planet?

4. What is the solar system and how did it start existing?

5. What’s the milky way?

6. How did the universe begin?