Name A Star After Someone You Love And Make Them Smile

Watch this short video to find out how to name a star in the UK and what mistakes to avoid when buying this giftor you probably won’t be able to make your loved ones smile.

You’ve decided to name a star? Great! The following is included…

  • 100% Visible from the UK

    Every named star is visible from the UK. 100% guaranteed.

  • 2 High-Quality Star Certificates

    Every star-naming package includes 2 high quality star-naming certificates, printed on 180g/m² thick glossy paper.

  • Easy-To-Use Star Map

    Find your star easily with the included star map.

  • Premium-Quality Portfolio Folder

    You star certificates, the star map and instructions will be delivered within a high-quality premium portfolio folder.

  • Lifelong registration with the ISD Database

    Every named star will be registered with the International Stellar Database (ISD)

  • BONUS 1 : Stargazing App

    Find your star easily without leaving your bed with the Stargaziing app

  • BONUS 2: 90-Days-100%-Happy-Or-Money-Back-Guarantee

    Not satisfied? Sometimes this happens! But don't worry, we've got you covered. If you don't like your star naming gift, send it back to us and you'll receive a full refund, no questions asked.

  • BONUS 3: Free Shipping

    You don't have to pay for shipping if you name a star at

  • BONUS 4: Discreet packaging

    You don't have to worry that someone will find out what kind of gift you've bought for them. Everything is shipped really discreet within a brown package.

  • BONUS 5: Digital Copy Within 24H

    For every order you place, you'll also receive a digital copy within 24h in case you need your star naming gift earlier.

Please note: To maintain the high print and service quality, we exlusively name only 100 stars every month. Be fast to buy your star gift, or you’ll have to wait till the following month!

Frequently Asked Questions about Naming A Star

How can you register a star on your name?

If you want to register a star on your name, please go to our "Shop" page and buy a star naming gift. This allows you to name a star with us and register it at the International Stellar Database. Once we've registered your star, you can always look up your registered stars data.

Where can you buy the best star naming gift?

There are many companies and each one of them offers great star naming gifts. We can only tell you to compare the products and choose that one which you think is the best. Our star naming gift certificates are printed on high-quality 180g/m² paper and you can choose between 14 different certificate designs.

How do you purchase a star for free or very cheap?

Not at our website. Would you really like to give someone a gift which is very cheap or free to get? That means it's almost worthless.

Can I adopt a star as a gift?

Yes you can. If you want to adopt a star, please visit our "shop" page and make a purchase. By making a purchase you gain the right to name and adopt a star which will be registered into the ISD database.

How do I reach the star naming registry in the UK?

If you want to reach the star naming registry / star registry / star database , please go to and you'll be able to look up your star.

Does Star Naming Service UK offer next day delivery?

We offer next-day delivery for e-mail certificates (delivery within 24 hours). For printed certificates, we do unfortunatly not offer next-day delivery.

Is naming a star a great memorial or birthday gift?

Well yes, a lot of people name stars as a memorial or a birthday gift. Why shouldn't you? It's a great gift idea.

How much is it / does it cost to name a star in the UK?

It costs between £20,00 and £100,00 to name, adopt or register a star in the UK.

Where can I name a star for a loved one?

If you want to name a star for a love one, you can use our service or of course the service of any other star naming company.

Can I buy stars?

Well actually no, because a star doesn't really exist. It's an explosion, a supernova which is millions of light years away from us. And you can't really get there. Naming a star as a symbolic gift though is no problem at all.

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